A Medical Opinion From a Qualified Doctor Can Help You Obtain Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability.stethoscope


The Social Security Administration must come to a legal conclusion about a person’s disability based on their work experience, age, education and medical evidence. It is often helpful to get a claimant’s doctor to describe their patient’s capacity for work. This information is often hard to discern from medical records alone and so information concerning the degree of a claimants medical impairment is often best obtain by submitting a medical source statement to Social Security that has been filled out by the claimant’s physician.

The Social Security Administration evaluates the weight to be given your doctor’s opinion by considering:

  • Your doctor’s specialization.
  • The degree to which your doctor’s opinion is supported by medically acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques.
  • The treatment relationship between you and your doctor. A doctor that has seen a patient multiple times will have a better relationship than one a patient has only seen once.
  • Whether your doctor has obtained a detailed picture over time of your impairment.
  • The number of times your doctor has seen you. It is very helpful for a disability claimant to have an established relationship with a doctor.
  • The kinds and extent of examinations and testing performed by or ordered by your doctor.
  • The quality of your doctor’s explanation of your impairment.

The Social Security Administration must consider your treating doctor’s opinion and, under appropriate circumstances, give it controlling weight.

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