Potential Sibling Adoption in central Arkansas

Please all be praying for a set of three siblings aged 4-12.  These three kids need a good family to take them in and be there for them.  Please email me directly for more information if interested.  shane@shafirm.com

Another successful adoption story: Olympian & Adoptee.

Hoffa’s Long Journey


3 different criminal attorneys stabbed by client


Defendant Loses Right to a Lawyer After Allegedly Stabbing 3 of Them with Pencils or Pens in Court

Posted Nov 2, 2011 5:55 AM CST
By Debra Cassens Weiss

Updated: A man has been convicted of drug charges after a judge in Washington state declared that pencil-and-pen-packing defendant Joshua Monson forfeited his right to counsel because of three attacks on his lawyers during court hearings.

None of the lawyers was seriously hurt. In the first two incidents, which occurred less than a week apart, Monson was accused of stabbing two different lawyers with pencils he smuggled from jail, HeraldNet.comreports. On Tuesday, Monson grabbed the pen being used by his defense lawyer, Jesse Cantor of Everett, Wash., and stabbed Cantor in the head, witnesses said.

The attack occurred Tuesday as prosecutors gave opening statements in Monson’s felony drug trial in Snohomish County. Corrections officers set off an electric stun cuff on Monson’s leg as he lunged for the pen and then piled on top of him, the story says. The first person to reach Monson was a police officer seated at the prosecution table.

Judge David Kurtz said Monson would have to defend himself without a lawyer and would be strapped to a special chair for the rest of the trial. Kurtz advised jurors to ignore the incident, the restraints and the lawyer’s absence.

HeraldNet.com reported that Monson was convicted of drug possession Thursday while in the restraint chair. “A standby defense attorney from King County sat through the hearings to answer Monson’s legal questions,” HeraldNet.com wrote. Monson was not allowed to sign court documents with a pen or pencil.

HeraldNet.com also notes that Monson will be back in court again to face second-degree murder charges and, separately, two fourth-degree assault charges for the alleged attacks on his attorneys.

Updated Nov. 4 to report that Monson was convicted.

World’s Youngest Judge?


Indiana Lawyer Who Started His Legal Career as a 17-Year-Old Judge Gets the World Record

Posted Oct 31, 2011 4:30 AM CST
By Debra Cassens Weiss

Indiana lawyer Marc Griffin has claimed the title once held by a Texas man: Guinness World Records has declared that Griffin holds the record for being the world’s youngest judge.

Griffin was an enterprising 17-year-old high school graduate in 1974 when he persuaded county commissioners to appoint him to fill a vacancy for justice of the peace. Griffin later won re-election to the job that included presiding over some civil and criminal cases, as well as performing weddings. “I was marrying people, throwing people in jail, and fining people,” he recalls.

Griffin managed to snag the job at such a young age because of his realization that his township had a long-time vacancy for a justice of the peace. The last justice of the peace had died some 50 years before, and the position was never filled. Cases for the township were being handled by other justices of the peace in the county.

“I discovered this justice of the peace thing,” Griffin recalled in an interview with the ABA Journal, “and I thought, ‘Wait a minute, we need another court and I’m qualified.’ ” He requested a meeting with the county’s three commissioners, and persuaded them to recommend his appointment. The state’s governor concurred and gave him his commission.

Griffin learned of the vacancy because of his interest in the law while still in high school. “I knew I wanted to be a lawyer,” Griffin says, “so I used to sit and read statutory law. Some people read novels, some people read sports magazines. I would just sit and read Indiana law.”

Speeding tickets were a big part of Griffin’s docket because the highway speed limit had recently dropped from 70 to 55 miles an hour. He held court at all hours of the night when police needed authority to lock up suspected domestic abusers. But it was the weddings he performed and an attorney general’s opinion that garnered national news coverage. Griffin was marrying people even though he was himself too young to marry without parental consent, a fact noted by critics.

The state attorney general opined that Griffin was too young to hold office. An Associated Press “fun-sy” story reporting on the decision questioned whether the people Griffin had married were “living in sin” because their weddings were illegal, Griffin says. The legal dispute was put to rest when a circuit court found Griffin qualified to hold office, paving the way for a short-lived judicial career.

The state eliminated justice of the peace courts a year or two later. Griffin finished his education and got a law degree from Indiana University School of Law. He has a niche practice representing banks and insurance companies that obtain liens on properties through tax sales.

Griffin contacted Guinness after he read an article at ABAJournal.com about a Texas man who held the record for winning election as a justice of the peace at the age of 18. Griffin supplied Guinness with evidence verifying his appointment at age 17, and learned last Thursday that he is the new world record holder. A press release dispatched to the ABA Journal the same day announced his achievement.

Griffin says in the press release that he contacted Guinness 37 years after the fact because he didn’t realize the publication covered judicial records. “I thought they were just records of stunts, like doing the most jumping jacks,” he says in the release.


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Custody lawyer in Conway, Arkansas.

The family law attorneys at Shane Henry & Associates in Conway, Arkansas, will get you the best results possible in the fastest time possible as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much money will I have to put down to get my case started?

Family law cases vary dramatically in terms of complexity and expense.  Usually our Arkansas custody lawyers require a large retainer be paid up front.  Then the hourly rate and expenses are deducted from your retainer as the work is performed.  We attempt to keep a reserve amount in your retainer account and notify you when the depletion is nearing the reserve limit.  The total attorneys fee may vary from several hundred dollars up to many thousands of dollars.  Payment plans may be available.

How long does a typical change of custody case last?

There is not a “typical” child custody case in Arkansas.  Different courts throughout the State have different requirements to complete before a final hearing may even be held.  Arkansas law under the Rules of Civil Procedure probably require a minimum of a month from the time you visit our office before we could have our first hearing, but generally weeks longer.  HOWEVER, under certain situations when we can prove an emergency exists, a hearing will be had as soon as the Court will set it and that is generally within a week.

Is it true that the mother always gets custody in Arkansas?

Arkansas child custody law does not favor one parent over the other.  However, the law does consider the special need for a mother during the “tender years” of a child.

Do you need a Child Custody Attorney in Conway, AR?

Are you searching for a Faulkner County lawyer to assist you with child custody arrangements?  SH&A could be the right stop for you.  Our team of attorneys and staff are continually involved in handling child custody related situations in the State of Arkansas.  Arkansas provides that a single parent may have custody of a child (“sole custody”) or that both parents may have custody of the child (“joint custody”).  Also, Arkansas draws a distinction between legal custody and physical custody.  Give us a call today so we can listen to your unique situation and work with you to meet your family’s needs.

Conway Men’s Chorus Spring Concert 2011

The Conway Men’s Chorus will perform its Spring Concert 2011 at Reynolds Performance Hall on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m., May 3, 2011.

Free admission.  Everyone is welcome.

No Fault Divorce in Conway, Arkansas?

People often ask if they can file a “no-fault” divorce in Arkansas.  Under Arkansas divorce law, we do not technically have a “no-fault” divorce statute.  However, there is a statute in place that requires no fault of either party.  A Conway, Arkansas divorce attorney at Shane Henry & Associates can help you file for an uncontested divorce through a statute that simply requires no cohabitation within the previous 18 months.  Nobody will have to point the finger at anyone else.  Under this type of filing, you can even immediately have the divorce finalized.  Please call one of our Conway divorce lawyers today for more information.

Uncontested Divorce in Conway, AR – Arkansas Attorney for Uncontested Divorce

Do you and your spouse feel like a divorce is in your best interests?  Are the two of you willing to work details out amongst yourselves regarding the separation?  If so then an uncontested divorce in Arkansas might be the right choice for you.  Our team of Arkansas lawyers are prepared to help you with these proceedings and guide you along the way.   An uncontested divorce often times is very quick and cost effective way to bring you closure.  Many times a court appearance or hearing can be avoided in the State of Arkansas should you and your spouse be agreeable on the terms of the divorce.  We have worked all over the state and have acted as divorce attorney in Conway, AR; divorce attorney in Little Rock, AR; divorce attorney in Greenbrier, AR; and divorce attorney in Vilonia, AR.  Please call us today to discuss your options.