Custody lawyer in Conway, Arkansas.

The family law attorneys at Shane Henry & Associates in Conway, Arkansas, will get you the best results possible in the fastest time possible as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much money will I have to put down to get my case started?

Family law cases vary dramatically in terms of complexity and expense.  Usually our Arkansas custody lawyers require a large retainer be paid up front.  Then the hourly rate and expenses are deducted from your retainer as the work is performed.  We attempt to keep a reserve amount in your retainer account and notify you when the depletion is nearing the reserve limit.  The total attorneys fee may vary from several hundred dollars up to many thousands of dollars.  Payment plans may be available.

How long does a typical change of custody case last?

There is not a “typical” child custody case in Arkansas.  Different courts throughout the State have different requirements to complete before a final hearing may even be held.  Arkansas law under the Rules of Civil Procedure probably require a minimum of a month from the time you visit our office before we could have our first hearing, but generally weeks longer.  HOWEVER, under certain situations when we can prove an emergency exists, a hearing will be had as soon as the Court will set it and that is generally within a week.

Is it true that the mother always gets custody in Arkansas?

Arkansas child custody law does not favor one parent over the other.  However, the law does consider the special need for a mother during the “tender years” of a child.