Do Workers’ Compensation And Other Disability Payments Affect Social Security Disability Benefits?

social security disability.other benefitsIf  disability payments come from private sources, such as private pension or insurance benefits, they do not affect your Social Security disability benefits.

If you receive Veterans Administration benefits; state and local government benefits (if Social Security taxes were deducted from your earnings) or Supplemental Security Income your Social Security benefit will not be reduced.

Benefits that may reduce Social Security disability benefits include workers’ compensation and other public disability benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are paid to a worker because of a job-related injury or illness and as such are counted as income. They may be paid by federal or state workers’ compensation agencies, employers or by insurance companies on behalf of employers.

Other public disability payments that may affect your Social Security benefit are those paid by a federal, state or local government and are for disabling medical conditions that are not job-related. Examples are civil service disability benefits, state temporary disability benefits and state or local government retirement benefits that are based on disability.

If there is a change in the amount of any other disability payments received or benefits stop, the Social Security Administration needs to know as soon as possible. Any change in the amount of other benefits will likely affect the amount of Social Security benefits.

The Social Security Administration will also need to know if you get a lump-sum disability payment or workers’ compensation payment in addition to or instead of a monthly benefit, the amount of the Social Security benefits you and your family receive may be affected.

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