At Shane Henry & Associates, we provide the most comprehensive representation possible for every client.  Our clients benefit from the broad spectrum of experience and knowledge of our attorneys.  We offer free initial consultations for most legal matters. This law firm strives to bring focus back to the client’s best interest by providing you options and advice. SH&A is a general practice law firm serving most legal needs with a focus on the following:


Need an adoption attorney in Arkansas?  We take great pride in providing legal services to you and your family before, during and after an adoption.  Let us help whether you pursue an international or domestic adoption, engage an adoption agency or take part in a private adoption. Also, there is great demand for quickly and fairly processing step-parent adoptions with the growing number of evolving family dynamics in Arkansas. Birth mothers and fathers should call us for information about their rights and options.  Please give us a call if we can help.

Estate Planning

Let us help plan for your future by preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and other document to protect you, your family, your assets and your privacy. You can reduce or eliminate many of the burdens and stress your family will suffer after a loss. While it’s never very pleasant to plan for these issues, it is certainly much easier to make a plan before something tragic happens.  Our tax attorneys are skilled in limiting the estate taxes you may owe.

Estate Administration (Probate)

After a loved one has passed there are several legal matters that must be addressed.  The process will dramatically differ depending upon what type of planning was done in advance, ownership interests of real and personal property, and the value of the loved one’s estate. We strive to assist you to properly handle an estate, whether that is through the small estate procedure or regular probate, and to guide and inform you every step of the way.

Business Law

Let SH&A support your business.  If you are in business,  you certainly need to protect yourself and your family.  If you have not yet incorporated or organized your business, there are several entity types available to you.  Limiting your personal liability and maximizing profits are major factors in determining the appropriate entity type. Starting a new business?  Need general legal advise?  Buying or selling a business?  Want to restructure your current business? Let us get you started off right.   We will make sure you begin with the correct business entity type. (LLC, Partnership, C-corporation, S-corporation, sole-proprietorship, etc.).  Mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, etc. Whatever the business need, we always advise with tax advantages in mind.  Once established our firm will provide general and specific advice for contracts, employment issues, regulatory matters, among other issues.  Please ask about our Outside General Counsel Program.

Social Security Disability, SSI, Disability

Denied? Frustrated? Confused? If you are not able to work and think you may qualify or have already been denied, please call us to discuss your right and learn about the Social Security Disability claims process.  Whether it’s your initial application, reconsideration, hearing or final appeal, we can help. We also provide legal services for disability claims in other areas: Disability Determination Services (DDS), Veteran’s Administration (V.A.), and ERISA actions against your insurance.

Family Law

Unfortunately we are sometimes faced with difficult legal challenges involving our families.  Our attorneys hope to bring efficiency, concern, and professionalism to the issues of custody, child support, and visitation.  We will always help you to be mindful of what may be best for any minor children involved.


Experiencing a divorce is very difficult and likely to be one of the toughest times of your life.  We want to help move you through the legal process quickly, charge fair and necessary fees and make realistic projections for your case. If you have children, we’ll help you remember that their interests matter most! Hopefully there will still be a chance for the two parties to dissolve the marriage through the uncontested process. We are glad to facilitate the parties to reach a mutually agreed upon decision.   That will save a lot of heartache and money for everyone involved.  Of course, often times we need the Court to handle the decisions for the parties, and we will utilize every tool of the trade to achieve your desired results.


The guardianship system allows you to step into another person’s shoes to either protect and care for their person, or their estate.  Guardianships are used in a wide variety of instances in Arkansas law.  Let us help you quickly get the power to secure and protect the interests of that special person. Additionally we will provide critical information to protect you as you serve in the fiduciary capacity as guardian.


Whether you are starting a nonprofit organization or struggling to maintain it we can help.  SH&A can get you qualified as a nonprofit under Arkansas laws, as well as secure your tax exempt status through the IRS.