Looking for answers and direction for a possible Arkansas adoption?  Then you are looking for an experienced Arkansas adoption lawyer to provide accurate and honest information.  Based in Conway, Arkansas, our adoption attorneys provide legal services for adoptions in Arkansas.  The Conway, Arkansas lawyers at Shane Henry & Associates are proud to provide the legal services you need as you grow your family.  Let one of our adoption attorneys assist you with your adoption whether foreign or domestic adoption,  agency or private adoption, or step-parent adoption.  Adoptions are very special and we take great efforts to provide these services to you at generous rates.  Please contact us for details…

Pregnant and considering your options?

If you are a biological parent of a child and not sure you are able to care for that child – please know you are welcome to call for free consultations.  Get FREE, PRIVATE, and ACCURATE information on Arkansas adoptions from one of our adoption attorneys.  You will never spend one penny for meeting or talking with me, or for any adoption costs whatsoever.   If you are considering placing a child for adoption and want to discuss the process please call us.  We will advise you of your rights and options during a free consultation, and help you understand as much as you want to know about Arkansas adoptions.  The adopting parents normally cover the legal costs and expenses of the birth parents so please don’t let the cost stop you from knowing your rights.  If you are curious about how placing a baby for adoption works please take advantage of this free opportunity.  Biological parents are a very important part of making new families. If you are looking to adopt we can help place you with your new family member whether you have identified a placement yet or not.  We can enroll you into our database and hopefully match you with a potential child. We provide legal services for adoptions throughout the State of Arkansas.  If you are located elsewhere in the United States but have been placed with a child from Arkansas you will likely need an Arkansas adoption attorney.  We can help. Learn more at My Arkansas Adoption.

Birth Parents

Our firm has a family available to provide the love and support you want to have for your child.  We strive to have stress-free adoptions, making the process easier for the birth mothers and for the adopting parents.  The decisions are yours: You can talk to the family on the phone, meet them in person before you decide, or have no direct contact with the adopting parents.  SH&A can make certain you have the financial assistance you need during your pregnancy.  Under Arkansas adoption law, we can help a birth mother with medical bills and pregnancy-related living expenses such as food, housing, clothing and more.  We want you to feel comfortable throughout the adoption process.  At the hospital, you may spend private time with the baby if you like. Then, the baby can be given directly to the adopting parents at the hospital. Foster Care is NEVER involved, so you can be certain your baby receives lots of love and attention from the adopting parents from the start.  Some birth mothers request annual pictures and updates. Others want to stay in contact with the adopting parents and the baby, and some prefer no contact after the birth.  Whichever way you prefer, we can find adopting parents that will be the answer to your prayers.  Learn more at My Arkansas Adoption.

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Given the popularity of social networks like Facebook, we have decided to launch a separate, specialized Facebook page for our adoption services. We routinely update this page with news and information. If you are interested in adoption in Arkansas, we hope you will also join us on Facebook by clicking on the link below…