Business Law

Shane Henry & Associates is the solution for all your legal business needs. Whether you are starting up a business, engaging in new contracts, needing assistance with employment issues, or buying or selling a business we can help.  The business attorneys in our Outside General Counsel Program will provide you the power and protection of a full-time in house general counsel, or large corporate law firm, without the high expense.

SH&A is especially sensitive to the needs of small businesses to quickly have access to quality, comprehensive legal service at a reasonable price.  As Arkansas business lawyers, we consider the real impact of the work we provide on your bottom line.

Our comprehensive approach to advising you and solving problems provides your business with well balanced and complete ideas.  We offer suggestions based on more than your bottom line.  We know protecting your business and its reputation means we are protecting your family, and when it comes to family, nothing else matters.


SH&A will customize effective legal solutions for small and large businesses of all types.  We provide the legal underpinning essential to business success.  Contact one of our attorneys if you are:

  • An entrepreneur with a new business idea;
  • A business owner who is dissatisfied with your current legal adviser;
  • An individual purchasing a franchise business;
  • A business owner who wants to franchise a successful business concept;
  • An individual purchasing or selling a business;
  • Anyone involved in a business agreement that needs prepared or reviewed;
  • A business handling garnishment or collection issues;
  • A business owner with employees; or
  • About to start a new business or ready to legally organize your business.

Serving You

SH&A will provide all the services you would receive from an in-house corporate lawyer.  Our objective is not to limit or inhibit your capacity to grow your business creatively, but to work with you and your ideas to make your visions possible.  The goal of SH&A is simply to make it happen for you as efficiently as possible.

Protecting your family is what matters most, and that starts with protecting your business.  That begins by properly protecting and organizing the affairs of your business.


SH&A is technologically equipped to provide the service you need wherever you may be as an effort to save you time and money.  We are also available to come to your location should that be necessary. These qualities not only make SH&A more efficient, but our technology makes us more responsive to you.  We recognize that your time is also your money.