Divorce, a terrible concept all together, but certainly a horrible event to experience – especially if a custody battle over children ensues.  You need to find an Arkansas divorce lawyer who will provide you with straight and simple answers.  You also must make certain you hire an Arkansas divorce attorney who will make your case top priority, but is certain to bill you fairly.

Too often people are taken advantage of because they are vulnerable due to their emotional state.  The divorce lawyers and family law attorneys at SH&A in Conway take great effort to care for you on a human level first.  We want you to make the best decision possible for yourself. If you are struggling with any divorce issues or questions please give us a call.  We handle divorce and family law work primarily in central Arkansas, but we have clients all over the State. We wish you the best with your case no matter where you find help.  If we can’t help you, we’ll try to send you to the right people.