Probate / Estate Administration in Arkansas

When a loved one passes away, the law in Arkansas requires the decedent’s estate pass through the probate or estate administration process to provide creditors an opportunity to collect against that estate.  SH&A delivers efficient and cost effective services for administration of estates in Arkansas.  Whether in Conway, Russellville, Heber Springs, or anywhere in between, we are capable of quickly getting a handle on your probate case.

Filing the Petition for Administration, making an appointment of either a Personal Representative or Administrator of the estate, handling the creditor’s claims, getting a tax number for the estate, establishing an accounting system, inventorying assets and liabilities, and making distributions are just some of the requirements of a properly administrated probate case.

Collection of an Estate without Administration (Small Estate).

Depending upon the net worth of the decedent’s estate, it may qualify for a simple collection proceeding dispensing with administration.  This route is much cheaper and easier.  Please call us if your loved one passed away in Arkansas, or owned property in Arkansas, and you would like to know if the estate qualifies for this simpler probate method.