Did Charlize Theron Adopt a Child in Conway, Arkansas?

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Maybe. Celebrities adopt babies all the time. Regular folk adopt babies all the time. So what’s so important about these breaking allegations? Confidentiality. Respect. Privacy.

Did a major celebrity complete an adoption in Conway in early 2012? Only a few people on earth should know the answer to that, despite the ramblings on an internet posting by a sitting Circuit Judge in Arkansas who lives in Conway. The people who have that information are sworn to secrecy under penalty of law.

In adoption law, the interests tantamount to all others are those of the children – always. Above all else we must protect the children, which explicitly includes keeping all information related to an adoption absolutely confidential.

The potential for backlash is huge. After a breach of confidentiality, the biological family of the child, who may or may not have been aware of the adoption but for the breach, could come to do all kinds of unwanted things. Particularly if the adopting family is a celebrity family, a wealthy family, or somehow perceived as an important family by the biological family the stakes are even higher. An adoption could be closed, meaning the biological family knows nothing or very little about the adopting family which protects both parties going forward from unwanted contact. In the least, you could have inappropriate requests for contact with the adopted child from the biological family. In the worst, you could have threatening and abusive comments sent to the adoptive family and even cause the adoptive family to fear for their safety. Complicating matters more, how would the adoptive family even know who is truly part of the biological family or not, a problem that lends itself to further fear, intimidation, and concern for the child’s safety.

A closed adoption could be opened up innocently. Clearly disclosing place and time of an adoption of a child is violative of the law on its face and the spirit of the law. Especially, with a newborn in a less populated part of America, it isn’t hard for a biological mother to know where her baby was adopted from, and the timeline. That becomes valuable intelligence for a biological family (or some other person) to inflict harm upon an adoptive family.

Point being, if you know something you better not say something. You are exposing many people to risks far greater than you realize. Adoption is incredibly special to parent and child. Please stop

Charlize Theron is a hero for adopting a child and making that child part of her family, regardless of where and when the adoption occurred. She is a hero like all other adoptive couples because they are choosing to do something they are not otherwise obligated to do. They are choosing to make a person part of their family, forever. While it comes with great feats of love, joy, and happiness, parenting is not easy and all adoptive families should be honored.

The details of how, when, where, and why her adoption occurred are confidential and private, and for good reason. True or not, these online postings should never have occurred. I hope we all choose to celebrate Ms. Theron for her adoption, and leave classless online postings laying in the gutter.